Ford Capri GVX40H nearing completion

Michael Ryman has been working hard on the restoration of his Ford Capri, GVX 40H. The car is the Team Dunton Capri Mk1 that competed in the 1974 UDT World Cup Rally.

The car also ran as car 69 in the London to Mexico 1970 and is believed to be the only surviving car in the world to have competed in both World Cup Rallies. She ran as car no2 in 1974, with same crew .

Read more about the 1974 UDT World Cup Rally that went from London to Munich via the Sahara here.

Ford Capri GVX40H 1970 photo
Ford Capri GVX40H 1970 photo

Beyond thrilled to have received this 1970 photo of my Capri from a chap who works at Ford’s R&D centre at Dunton, Essex, where the car was built by a 22 man team in January 1970. Today, the car is running again after a 33 year lay up and restoration….and, judging by the recent photos I took in the workshop, looks pretty much identical to this shot. Happy Days indeed.

Michael Ryman 09 October 2020