HMRG merchandise

The Historic Marathon Rally Group had a small number of stickers
produced to promote the WCR50+2 event in May 2022 to celebrate London to Mexico City.

WCR50+2 sticker
WCR50+2 sticker

If you would like WCR50+2 stickers you can buy from our stand for only £1.50 at any of the events or shows we will be at this year, please note supplies are limited.
We also have a limited supply of WCR 50 pin badges, Historic Marathon Rally Group stickers costing £2.50

also 2018 London – Sydney Marathon plaques & replica rally plates and more all available at our stand.

New in HMRG branded carrier bags!

hmrg carrier bag

Branded Clothing in our store Sales are from the ace-online website.

HMRG Range

We now have branded clothing for sale. Sales are from ace-online website.