London to Mexico World Cup Rally

WCR40 commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the Daily Mirror London to Mexico World Cup Rally.  The longest and most ambitious  event of its kind to date, the World Cup Rally left Wembley Stadium for the 16,000 mile, six-week trip to Mexico City on 19th April 1970.

Almost 100 cars, spanning a variety of works teams and private entries, would follow a challenging route of road sections and special stages from London to Lisbon then, after a sea passage to South America, rejoin the battle in Rio de Janeiro for the journey to Mexico City.

Reflecting the relentless pace of the Rally and the punishing terrain over which it was run, just 23 of the original starters would make it to the finishing line at Mexico City’s Aztec Stadium.

Organizing the World Cup Rally from London to Mexico was one of the most satisfying things of my lengthy Motor Sports career. While it took a full year of our time, John Brown and I got to travel all over South and Central America in search of a challenging route and rally formula. When I meet up with competitors so many years later, the smiles on their faces is reward enough, and I also got a new Porsche 911 as payment, which doubled my pleasure for the work put in.
John Sprinzel – Clerk of the Course of the 1970 World Cup Rally

The 1970 World Cup Rally remains one of the most significant events in the history of international motorsport.  On the fortieth anniversary of the Wembley start, WCR40 celebrates this monumental rally and the achievements of its participants, both cars and competitors.

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