Rosemary Smith 74. Austin Maxi (Evening Standard) XJB 306H
Pat Smith (was Wright) 91. BL 1800 (Beauty Box) NOB 284F
Willie Cave 3. BL 1800 JOP 1E
Patrick Vanson 100. Citroen DS21 3867TT75
James Conroy 89. Mini 4 Door Special DAN 3H
Brian Culcheth 88. Triumph 2.5PI XJB 305H
Rob Lyall 4. Berry Magicoal Hunter MWK 938G
Rob McCauley 32. BL1800 SMO 227G
Alun Rees 83. Hillman Hunter GEJ 166F
Hywel Thomas 83. Hillman Hunter GEJ 166F
Washington James 83. Hillman Hunter GEJ 166F
Tina Kerridge-Reynolds 20. Marshalls of Cambridge Maxi MCE 7G
Brian Englefield 39. Adrian Lloyd-Hurst Triumph 2.5 PI UKV 701H
Keith Baker 39. Adrian Lloyd-Hurst Triumph 2.5 PI UKV 701H
Christopher Marriot 39. 17th/21st Lancers Trident VAD 30H
Ken Bass 90. BMW VAP 16H
Major John Hemsley 5. Peugeop 504 BG100-52
Frank Pierson 9. Cortina Mk.2 (Withers of Winsford)
Ian Harwood 9. Cortina Mk.2 (Withers of Winsford)
Alec Poole 65. Ford Escort
Terry Hunter 2. Porsche 911
John Bloxham 17. Hillman Minx (JCB)
Phil Cooper 44. BL1800
Brian Peacock 69. Ford Capri
Berwyn Williams 1968 London to Sydney BL1800 UDM 999G
Gary Witcombe 1974 World Cup Rover 3500S1977 London to Sydney Range Rover
Tony Fowkes 1977 London to Sydney Mercedes 2nd Overall
Francis Tuthill 1977 London to Sydney Volkswagen
Philip Young 1977 London to Sydney Magenta
Jeff Williamson Works rallycross
Barry Williams 1968 London to Sydney

Team Support

Den Green British Leyland
Brian Moylan British Leyland
Bill Price British Leyland
M. Woods British Leyland
Basil Wales British Leyland
Peter Browning British Leyland
Bill Barnett Ford Rally Manager
Mick Jones Ford
Marshalls Maxi Service Crew (3) Marshalls of Cambridge
Colin Francis Service car 9 (Withers of Winsford)
Cal Withers Entrant – Withers of Winsford
Ray Evans Service Car 9 Withers of Winsford
Noel Watson Service Car 9 Withers of Winstead
Mike Kyle British Leyland
Andrew Lees Goodyear tyre service
Ken Marsh Goodyear tyre service
Peter Maylum Service Car 105
Alan Zafer BL Publicity
John West British Leyland
Tim Reynolds Maxi – Marshals of Cambridge
Glyn Ridge Service Car 69
Jim Peacop Service Car 54


John Brown Route Planning Assistant Secretary to the Rally
Jim Gavin Travelling Controller
Gerry Ryan Travelling Controller
Val Morley Travelling Controller
Graham Robson Travelling Controller
Mike Broad Event travel arrangements
Peter Gilkes
List as at 31st March 2010 – see contact list if you wish to bring a car.