Goodbye Graham Robson

I first meet Graham Robson back in 1991 when I created something to celebrate the 1970 World Cup Rally – a special stand in my role as Exhibition Secretary of the Historic Rally Car Register at the request of the organisers of a Classic car show being held at Olympia. On our stand I met in passing a lot of the people from the comparatively new world of Historic Rallying (it had been going for about 8 years) many of whom were involved in 1970 – one of them being Graham.

WCR40 booklet front cover
WCR40 booklet front cover

When in 2010 I wanted to organise an event at Gaydon to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 1970 World Cup Rally I had the support of several clubs and people representing cars involved in 1970 but needed a key person to bring it all together as compere. With trepidation, because I did not really know him that well at the time, I approached Graham to be involved. I expected a brush off because I was not that well known but to my delight he was only too pleased to be involved. The success of WCR40 – greater than I had ever dreamed of – was very much down to Graham’s input.

When five years later it was decided we needed another celebration about Historic Marathons, though including other Rally Marathons as well as the 1970 World Cup Rally this time, I approached Graham who again was delighted to be involved and helped to make the event the success it was. When it was time to celebrate 50 years of the London to Sydney Rally in 2018, although again Graham was interested in being involved, his health being not so good meant that he could not see it through to the end.

Historic Marathon Rally Show banner
Historic Marathon Rally Show banner

Graham Robson was very supportive of the WCR40 and the Historic Marathon Rally Show and his involvement was a key to their success. In 2018 I proposed the creation of the Historic Marathon Rally Group – and here we are.

So Graham ultimately had an important role in the creation of the Historic Marathon Rally Group as well, and like so many clubs we have much to thank and remember him for.

Ted Taylor, Vice President

Graham RIP

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  1. Nicely said Ted. The man was a fountain of knowledge and memories of the World Cup Rally and many other important rally events. RIP Graham.
    And thanks to you Ted for continuing to maintain the records and memorabilia.

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