Perth to Sydney Marathon Rerun 2021

The 1968 London to Sydney Marathon Rally was a real marathon. A rerun of the Australian leg has been organised for 2021. Laurie Mason one of the organisers has set up a facebook group where you can read about the event and keep up to date with their news. Perth to Sydney Marathon Rerun 2021

If you want to know more about this event you can contact Laurie via the Perth to Sydney Marathon Rerun 2021 facebook group

An objective of the Organisers with this event is to provide participants with a real sense of what the 1968 Marathon was all about while following the route as precisely as we can. What is apparent is that what took less than 3 days in 1968 we cannot contemplate in 2021.

Distances between logical overnight locations is a major determining factor and this is resulting in variations in daily distances from 900kms on one day down to as little as 400kms on another, all the while averaging a little under 600kms per day.

The Organisers are very conscious of the changed expectation regarding road safety since 1968, and we are working hard to provide sensible daily distances with rest times, combined with the opportunity for time for social interaction, but trying not to diminish the excitement of the drive part of the event.

Morris 1100

Flash Back to 1968 – #41 Morris 1100 – Sydney Telegraph Car 4 – E Westley @ Brachina Control (16/12/68), Flinders Ranges, South Australia – Position 50

08 May 2020 update

We already have a full field of 72 Expressions Of Interest’s with now 11 on the reserves list.Pressure is being placed on Ford Australia to have them allow KAG-002 (Car 24) to run in the event with Ian Vaughan driving. If that happens we will have all ten 1968 Marathon cars in the event.

……..The event will be the only long distance event to be held in 2021 in Australia.

Best regards,


16 May 2020 update

From Laurie Mason

To all the confirmed Entrants on the P2SMR2021 event, the Organising Committee wish to extend a huge thank you.

You have booked your place on what could be, in all probability, the last event that is held that includes so many original 1968 Marathon contestants, participants, and vehicles, and travels the original route across Australia. This will be the last hoorah downunder for what many consider to be the greatest marathon of them all.

The Committee will do everything we can to make sure the event is enjoyable, interesting, surprising, and memorable. And we might just chuck in a liberal dose of excitement as well.

There is only one week to go before places not taken up in the first round of invitations will be offered to those on the Reserves List.

At this point in time it is very pleasing to advise that of the proposed limit of 72 entries there are only 14 invitations still to confirm their place. Two EOI’s signalled their withdrawal and those positions have been very quickly filled.

This demonstrates the depth of interest in this event.

The Organisers look forward to welcoming the full field of 72 Entrants by this time next week.

Once again, a huge thank you to all the confirmed Entrants for your vote of confidence in the Organisers and the event.

Kind regards,

Laurie Mason – Event Director.

If you want to know more about this event you can contact Laurie via the Perth to Sydney Marathon Rerun 2021 facebook group

10 thoughts on “Perth to Sydney Marathon Rerun 2021”

  1. Laurie
    Would love to be involved in helping organise the rerun . What time of year are you planning on doing it? I am highly experienced as a driver, co-driver and rally organiser in Australia, currently clerk of course for the Caves Classic Rally based in Oberon NSW ( a round of the state championship) and I am chair of the Australian Rallies Commission. Give me a call 0418 641 959 Jon Thomson

  2. Hi. Will you have a class for Rally Regularity, or will all cars need to be full CAMS Logbooked spec?

  3. Malcom
    If you want to know more about this event you can contact Laurie via the Perth to Sydney Marathon Rerun 2021 facebook group

  4. Hi Malcom,

    The event is being run as a “Regularity” as that was the feedback from the majority of entries. Historic significance of vehicles is a priority however others have been accepted. The field includes 8 of 10 original 1968 London Sydney cars still in Australia, 1977, 1993, 2003 LSM vehicles, Peking to Paris vehicles and 7 time P2P winner Gerry Crown with David Johnson (1968 LSM). Also on the event we have vehicles from East African Safari and Australian Safari. We have vehicles from all major Australia marathon events from Redex to Repco. The personalities on the event include John Vipond, Francis Tuthill, Barry Ferguson, David Johnson, Gerry Lister, Bob Holden, Max Winkless, the Brysons, George Bevan, Trevor Eastwood, Bob Watson, Terry Daly, Andrew Miedecke and maybe Malcom Oastler? The event is turning out to be one of the greatest Historic Rallies we have held in Australia.

    Contact me if you would like to know more.

  5. Evening Gentlemen

    Are there any places left? An old friend James Calvert-Jones has referred me to you and It’s my understanding that a few other Mates are attending. Thanks. Duncan Stewart

  6. Hi Have only just heard about the rally and would like to take part if possible
    Have done two Lon to Syd rallies 93 and 2000 , targa Tasmania Peking Paris east Africa Safari two Lon to Capetowns two Trans American Silver Fern in NZ and many other long distance rallies and of course know all the above entrants

  7. From the Event Organising Committee may we extend to all our Friends in the UK and around the World a Merry Christmas and Happiest of New Years.

    We are all to aware of the current COVID-19 issues and we wish you all a safe and festive season none-the-less.

    The Perth-Sydney Marathon is taking shape and we hope will truly represent the original in 1968. Happily for many of the original competitors from 1968 on the event, they will get to see the route and the landscapes that they raced through 52 years ago, this time in daylight. The route has “aged” as one might expect, but it is still keen to test an unsuspecting crew.
    We have the full route of nearly 5700kms mapped and mostly road checked, property owners agreeing to let us cross their stations, Indigenous Communities allowing us to visit, Rural and Remote Communities happy to close off streets in their town to welcome the event. While we will drive across some of the most spectacular countryside in Australia, the roads that we will use are some of the most brilliant rallying roads you will find anywhere in the world. As a taste of the roads the event will use, maybe a little more sedately, check out this short video.

    If you wish to keep up to date on the event, please check the Event Facebook Group above.

    Stay safe and our very best wishes from Downunder.

  8. Have you a film crew designated to film the event ?
    I can be available if you need help , you might know of me we shot the 93 london to Sydney the 95 Round Australia trial , and Peking to Paris .
    We are also looking for a naming rights sponsor Chanel 9 etc for the tour book of the London to Sydney route to be printed in september 21.
    If you can use any of this imformation call Glen Redgat on 0428220722 i think you may have spoken to Warren Hawkins a Volvo lover , i would have like to have entered but might watch this one have sold most of my rally cars .

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