London Sydney 50 years & Dr. Bomsi Wadia – OD Jan 19 issue

London Sydney 50 years & Dr. Bomsi Wadia - OD Jan 19 issue

“Celebrating 50 years of the London to Sydney Marathon” an article by Bob Rupani originally published in OverDrive magazine January 2019 issue. It is reproduced here with permission. The photographers rights where the photographers names are mentioned in the article are acknowledged.

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London to Sydney Marathon 50 logoHi Historic Marathon Rally Groupers – an update on London-Sydney50. We have done a review of the layout at Gaydon for London-Sydney50 and realised that we have a space which members of this group should be entitled to use. While we obviously welcome anyone with a 1960s and 1970s London-Sydney or World Cup Marathon and 1993 London-Sydney car. Or someone with any period rally car (ex-Works or private entry) from any event up to the end of the 1970s … or thereabouts… if not already in touch please do so (e-mail below). In addition if you want to bring a classic car – more recent historic rally, marathon or simply your non competition pride and joy, please e-mail me (important for keeping records) with your name and car details and I will get an HMRG pass to you for the appropriate parking area. [email protected] . Spread the word!