Due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation and today’s re-imposition of a National lockdown the HMRG committee feel that yet again we have to postpone our World Cup Rally reunion until April 2022.

We consider that April 2021 is still too close for vaccination to have been rolled out to enough people and also international travel is likely to still be very limited, further restricting potential visitor numbers.

On a brighter note we are planning to have another rally car event in July / August 2021 at The British Motor Museum at Gaydon, where we can promote who we are and what we do. This will most likely be as part of another event already being held. No dates have been confirmed, but we will keep you informed as soon as we know anything.

If anyone knows of any other events we could attend to promote HMRG while adding something to the event, please get in touch so we can consider it..

Daily Express London-Sydney metal badge

Daily Express London-Sydney metal badge
Daily Express London-Sydney metal badge

Does anybody have a better photo of this badge. I understand that the above photo is of Ken Chambers badge and was taken by Máirtín Catháin. The badge is now in the care of his grand daughter.

John Vipond is looking to get his badge restored. This is how it looks now.

LSM Metal badge

Hi, does anyone remember the badge that all competitors on LSM 68 were given? Mine is looking tired so I would like to have it re-enamelled. Could anyone provide me with a photo of one that shows the colours clearly please? Thanks in anticipation.

Contact us if you can help.