28th May in Mexico City

Well, nearly at the end of the saga….a little bit more to say….just waffle really, but here goes

28-30th May 1970 50 years ago. Timeline: Mexico City

Daily Mirror London-Mexico World Cup Rally – Tish and Bron’s last adventure

The next few days were full of events, celebrations, a visit to the British Embassy for a reception with all the British drivers, and our first taste of empanadas – wow!

Tish and I did the cultural bit too, and visited the archaeological museum and the National library, did a little bit of shopping (well, we did not have much money left most certainly, and shopping per se has never been my ‘thing’). And boy, did we enjoy some lovely, lovely, delicious meals – proper food! All capped with a big celebration party in a nice Mexican restaurant. We were certainly making up for the time ‘lost’ on those difficult roads!

Our luggage from Rio turned up safely, although I know now that Tina lost her luggage somewhere on the way and was never to retrieve it – so sad to lose our ‘lovely’ catsuits and all the stuff we had been given in Rio.

There was a great rooftop swimming pool at the hotel, and we managed to find time to use it a couple of times. Such a treat. And best of all, we did manage to sleep in those beautifully soft sheets and beds when we eventually got to our room each night.

Now all we had to do was relax – only the flight home on 30-31 May to come!!!

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