GM Twins Monaro with Ventora

Ferguson-Chivas-Johnson Monaro (Car76) together with the Ventora (Car40)
Ferguson-Chivas-Johnson Monaro (Car76) together with the Ventora (Car40)

These two General Motors cars both ran in the 1968 London to Sydney Marathon Rally.

Thanks you to Laurie Mason for sharing this photo. As he says:

Here is the Ferguson/Chivas/Johnson Monaro (Car#76) together with the Ventora (Car#40) on the 1968 Marathon Celebration Drive. ADA-102 has been heavily modified into a Track Car and will take some work to be returned to her former glory.

The Monaro has been this way for some 20 years or more. The owner still has the original motor and when Laurie Mason was speaking with him he indicated that the cost to modify the car would be prohibitive. But, he did start to come round to the notion of changing it back the more we talked. Barry Ferguson and Dave Johnson have confirmed it is the original car.

The 1968 Marathon Celebration Drive an Australian event held in 2018.

Car 76 in the 1968 London to Sydney Marathon Rally was a Holden Monaro. Registered ADA 102.

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  1. Hello,
    I’m hoping someone can help me on this one. I was sitting on the corner of Uriarra Forest Rd/Cotter Rd. waiting for Bianchi to come through, I was the only one there. For many years I’ve wondered what the route was between there and the collision, have never seen it published anywhere, maybe it is in some of the books covering the event. I’ve spoken/written to people closely connected with it but still no luck. I used to use many of those backroads as a rep in those days, so I’m curious to know the full details of that route. I was told about the collision the following morning by a sister of the owner of the Mini, another interest I have in the rally is that the Chusan arrived in Fremantle on the day my first child was born.
    I would appreciate it if someone could contact me with either the answer or suggestion as to who could help me finalise this search.
    Peter Phelan

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