door plates

HMRG have correct replica SCREEN printed door plates produced – colour (ink specially matched from original unfaded publications) – and door artwork direct from an original plate.

Something happened when the bonnet/boot plates were reproduced and they came out about 1″ too deep but thanks to Ron Ticehurst for pointing this out and providing an original spare correct plate from car 27 to do these exactly – these are in the process of being done.

The numbers have been a pain as they must have been special Daily Express font and not available. We are having these specially re-cut and available later.

These exact re-pros are available only for owners of original cars or people involved in the rally in 1968 in some way – at £40 a set (door/bonnet/boot and numbers) or £20 half set. Proof will be required as we want to make these only available to the original cars or people who have good need to want them (involved with the Marathon in 1968 or relatives) and are for sale at what is more or less cost to us.

If anyone builds an EXACT correct replica of a car no longer surviving we may make these available to the once the car is competed. Speak to us ……

We have some of the too deep size bonnet/boot plates available for general sale at £10 plus postage. We have some numbers to go with them but they are only a near match and have no 4s and 7s. Contact me on [email protected]

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