What’s the most unusual long-distance Marathon Rally car you can think of?

Would you believe that 50 years ago, Michael Fothergill and Peter Jackson sat in their choice of steed at Wembley Stadium on 5th May 1974 waiting for the flag to drop that would send them on their way in an old but strong and trusty Hillman Minx 1500 running Car No.37, from London to Munich via two crossings of the terrifying Sahara Desert as they started the UDT World Cup Rally?

46 years later, HMRG Member Ralph Humby was in lockdown and did what most petrolheads do…..he bought a car on e-Bay. Not just any car….but the very same Hillman Minx, unaware of its unusual back story.

This little Minx was trailered up from Hampshire and featured at our Historic Marathon Rally Show on Sunday 21st April 2024, as Ralph continues his faithful restoration using old photographs and film footage as his only reference.

The rest, as they say, is history!

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