John Sprinzel 1930-2021

John Sprinzel at Goodwood

This evening I read the the sad news that John Sprinzel has died at the age of 90.

John had a fascinating career, including competing in the 1968 London Sydney Marathon in an MG Midget and being the main organiser of the World Cup rally in 1970 along with John Brown. 

If anyone who knew John would like to share their recollections please feel free to add your thoughts as a comment to this post.

PMO200 John Sprinzel & Roy Fidler MG Midget

PMO200 John Sprinzel & Roy Fidler’s MG Midget. Unfortunately, did not finish due to a broken stub axle on the London Sydney Marathon 1968.

We would like to share some tributes we have been sent to us by email. You can read them on the next page.

3 thoughts on “John Sprinzel 1930-2021”

  1. A very sad loss and the man responsible for one of the main obsessions in my life …… and the creation of WCR 40 and the other Marathon activities that I have been responsible for ………. and ultimately The Historic Marathon Rally Group.
    Responsible for one of the greatest (if not the greatest) rally ever created and which even now is still remembered fondly by all of us. John RIP

    Ted Taylor
    HMRG Vice President

  2. He was an inspiration to us all, I met him at Crystal Palace and even with all the fuss of starting the rally had time for a chat , 1968, like yesterday , thanks John.

  3. In 2013, I spent a great evening with ‘Lucky John’ at The Rock of Gibraltar, near Kidlington. I pitched up in an MGA, and was completely outnumbered by Spridgets.
    I think this was to be his last UK visit. He was an amazing entertainer. Thank you, J.S.

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