Triumph 2.5PI XJB302H found

The Triumph 2.5PI as used by Paddy Hopkirk has come into view again after a very long rest.

At last I can release some pictures of the works Triumph 2.5PI of Paddy Hopkirk. Which we have finally got to a safe place XJB 302H. Still in amazing condition been hidden away since 1977 still has the maps inside it from a Scottish event

Tim Cousins via facebook 10 October 2020

Several engines were found with the car. Some photos of the oily bits on the next page.

6 thoughts on “Triumph 2.5PI XJB302H found”

  1. Absolutely must be the “Barn Find” of the decade “A Time Capsule” every rally detailed part still intact, sure PH cannot wait to be reunited just as it, and twiddle a few knobs, please keep me posted of future progress here.

  2. The maps were for the “Galloway Hills Rally”. The organiser of the event was David McHarg. The car belonged to Colin Ivison of Valley End Silecroft NR Millom, (he was the Driver). I was the Navigator. By the way, the Halda is mine also.
    Colin was very busy as he ran a Triumph agency near Millom. This was the last vehicle he rallied whilst I went on to Navigate for a number of Drivers including the “Mad Scotsman” Ivor Clark & Tony Stephenson from Barrow in Furness (who ended up British U25 Champion)
    Happy Days

  3. Hi there – Just read an article in the latest issue of Classic & Sportscar & wondered if Paddy’s car is in fact for sale. I’m a good mate of Brian Culcheth & have just started – with a good mate – a small classic car business in Handcross – West Sussex – – Iv’e competed in a few Int. rallies myself & believe this would make a great restoration project – grateful for your response.
    All best

  4. i hartley timmins owned and rallied it for app 3 years after buying from colin ivison
    rebuilt the engine and changed back Pi with tr5 injection system
    as the webber carbs were well worn
    had some good results in northern cumbria road and stage rallies
    sold car to dave thomas at ST tomas cross garage EGREMONT
    CUMBRIA in app 1976

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