8 May 1970 Rio de Janeiro

8th May 1970 50 years ago. Daily Mirror London-Mexico World Cup Rally
Timeline: Rio de Janeiro 20:35 hrs
(BST-4 ….equivalent to 00:35 hrs in UK 9th May)

After a last swim with the Russian water polo/drowning experts and tea in the pool, we packed our stuff, some to be sent on to Mexico City and some to travel with us. We checked we had enough paper knickers with us (not time to wash knickers – we were on a rally!) – and then buckled down to the road book and our maps. There were going to be changes.  The ‘tropical’ rains had caused a lot of flooding on the 2nd South American Prime, so that had been shortened by half to some 120 miles!

We got in the convoy to the Brazilian Museum of Art which was a ‘show’ event for the crowds and the Brazilian Press idea of a “start”. We were ‘flagged’ away by a very important person – the Brazilian Minister for Transport. The crowds were wild, all screaming and waving and trying to rip the stickers and decals off the cars as souvenirs. Absolute bedlam. I got out to try to guard the car, and was relatively successful in stopping any losses, but other crews even had their number decals ripped off. We got going and drove about 6 miles outside Rio to a Control at a petrol Station. Here was calm, and we officially started on time, now running in Lisbon finish order – running at 36th on the road. A long 240 mile drive ahead to Sao Paulo and then the first competitive prime in South America would be early the next morning.

some pics ex cine films

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