Not WCR50

As you will already know we have had to postpone the planned WCR50 event until next year. Sunday 19 April 2020 would have seen us celebrate the 50th anniversary of the start of the London to Mexico Daily Mirror World Cup Rally.

To mark the occasion we have invited people to contribute photographs. Here are some of those photos that we have received so far.

One thought on “Not WCR50”

  1. Thanks for putting the pictures up for the WCR 50 day.
    People might not know who Patricia Smith is but I was Pat Wright, co-driver in the Beauty Box with Jean Denton and Liz Crellin. We finished 18th on the WCR. I should have credited Mike Wood for my 2 pictures. He has sent you the same one of us in Italy. Liz cleaning her teeth, Jean doing something with a wheel-brace and me at the back of the car.

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