Vauxhall Ventora London to Sydney Marathon 1968 – car 40

The latest 1968 Marathon car to surface is Car#40, entered by the Jim Russell International Driving School with support from Duckhams, driven by David Walker, Doug Morris and Brian Jones. Finished 52nd of the 58 that finished, but nearly didn’t due the injuries suffered to Doug Morris during the event. The car is now “Happily locked up in my garage in Sydney Australia” says Laurie Mason.

We would very much like to see any more photos of the car to help the new owner restore it.

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  1. Have you seen Colin Taylor’s video on youtube, bit hard to see details but I believe your car is in at least 2 scenes as well as footage of the other Ventora after it crashed in Yugoslavia.

  2. Hi there. I was one of the three crew of this car entered in the 1968 Marathon by Jim Russell in Norfolk, UK, the well known figure behind the racing drivers school of which Dave Walker and I were a part. As you can imagine, what with the potentially serious injuries suffered by Doug Morris high in the Turkish mountains which caused us to almost abandon the rally at that point, it was to say the least an eventful 10 days of hectic driving!

    Apart from the photos you already have I should still have a few of the car that you may like to have copies of. If so, let me know. I would of course love to know where and when you got involved with “our” Ventora, where it is now, and if you managed to restore it.

    I sadly have no contact these days with Doug; Dave last I heard was running a charter boat business on the Australian east coast somewhere which he started up after retiring from motor racing some time back.

    Hope to hear from you.

  3. Hello Bryan,

    Wonderful to hear from you. I have provided my details to Stephen so that he can forward them to you and we can make contact directly. The car has an amazing 45800Mls on the clock but if you look underneath you would think it had another zero on the end. You guys certainly did some rock hopping on the event. We will speak soon. Best regards, Laurie.

  4. Hello,
    I’m really interested in the Ventora rally car. Do you have any more details of the car? Things like, was there any factory involvement? Was the engine modified (different carb, cam etc.)? Did it have overdrive? I’m guessing the cooling and electrical equipment were uprated? Modifications to the body / suspension? Do you have some more photo’s of the car?
    Thanks, Rog

  5. Hi I am making a model of this rally car for a collection of cars from the event. Was the car white or cream in colour please. Is it possible to get a clearer photo of the car please.

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