MG Live report back

Jean DentonTom Boyce MGB@MG_Live_image2
Jean Denton + Tom Boyce MGB at MG_Live

Great weekend at MG Live with Dizzyak, Beauty Box, and Jean Denton/Tom Boyce MGB. Loads of interest and met some interesting people including the Managing Editor of an Indian motor sport magazine who will be doing a feature on our London-Sydney50 where the Bomsi Wadia Cortina Lotus from 1968 still resides. Thanks to John Watson who set it up, David Scothorn for organising, Andrew Newman for helping, and Pat Walker (Beauty Box) and Adrian Bonner (Dizzyak).

London Mexico Triumph 2500 PI

from the collection of Michel Grimaldier . Ad said to be showing London to Mexico Triumph 2500 PI Mk2 as driven by Brian Culcheth.

Unfortunately whoever put that add out got it very wrong as Brians car was white and the reg number was XJB 305H and the rally number was 88.

Car 39 was Lloyd-Hurst, Keith Baker and Brian Engalfield. We hope Brian will be at London-Sydney50.

Michel Grimaldier said that the late Alan Crussels offered the original poster to me! It is hanging on my lounge wall.

DIZZYAK @MG Live 2018

Come and see the Historic Marathon Rally Group at MG Live 2018 at Silverstone this weekend 02 and 03 June 2018.

Dusted off for the first time since Stoneleigh. Ted Taylor is putting on another great marathon car display at Silverstone this weekend.
Pop along and see DIZZYAK, car number 17 in the 1968 London to Sydney Marathon. The most unadulterated factory survivor which successfully completed the event 50 years ago.

Thanks to Adrian Bonner for these images borrowed from a facebook post of his.

Jean Denton – Tom Boyce 1968 London to Sydney Marathon MGB

MGB Jean Denton advert

Here are some pictures of the Jean Denton – Tom Boyce 1968 London to Sydney Marathon MGB.  These images were originally posted to our facebook group at  by John Watson. The car finished in 41st place and the first sports car. The MGB which was found in a scrapyard in 2015 has been restored back to original condition by the MGB Register of the MG Car Club. more info at…/

MGB Jean Denton