Marina V8

Marina V8 Rally Car photos by Nige Ryan who said elswhere:

A nice replica of a long distance rally Marina Coupe. The Rover V8 drives through an MGB V8 o/d gearbox. Note the front fabrication to mount the external radiator as per the original car. This belongs to a really nice guy from Newcastle and has only this year started to do shows/events – done about 100 miles so far.

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London to Sydney Marathon 50 logoHi Historic Marathon Rally Groupers – an update on London-Sydney50. We have done a review of the layout at Gaydon for London-Sydney50 and realised that we have a space which members of this group should be entitled to use. While we obviously welcome anyone with a 1960s and 1970s London-Sydney or World Cup Marathon and 1993 London-Sydney car. Or someone with any period rally car (ex-Works or private entry) from any event up to the end of the 1970s … or thereabouts… if not already in touch please do so (e-mail below). In addition if you want to bring a classic car – more recent historic rally, marathon or simply your non competition pride and joy, please e-mail me (important for keeping records) with your name and car details and I will get an HMRG pass to you for the appropriate parking area. . Spread the word!